Elegant Bags for Women Are Our True Passion!

At our facility in the neighbourhood of Bochum, a large city located in the heart of the Ruhr district of Germany, we design and develop extraordinary business bags that make day-to-day use of 'mobile technology' both easier and more attractive.  As laptop, tablet and smartphone experts, we know exactly what secure protection for sensitive electronics needs to look like.

All of our bag models therefore come  'fully equipped' with a large laptop/tablet compartment that is padded on all sides and a multitude of inside pockets.

Bags have to endure an awful lot! This is why we have chosen a particularly robust material in the form of NIVODUR, an extra-lightweight fine synthetic material that is also fully resistant to rain and other liquids! With this material, looking after your favourite bag is a piece of cake!

It's important to remember that business bags do not have to scream out "work!". We therefore place a great deal of value on ensuring that all of our bag models boast an attractive appearance. We pay great attention to detail during the initial design process, the production of samples and our subsequent production activities in order to create designs that have already impressed plenty of friends and fans.

I'm so proud of these bags that I even put my name on them!

Jürgen Socha