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Jürgen Socha - designer laptop bags for women

Jürgen Socha
Design & Development

I attach great importance to my collections:

Can a teacher of physics and sport be a designer of bags?

Even as a teacher, I had a soft spot for beautiful design. With a lot of passion and perseverance, I designed the first colored cases for cell phones (view the world’s first neoprene cell phone case) made of neoprene here in Bochum. That was in 1994 at the beginning of the booming cellular age! The response to the extraordinary bags was huge! Over 100,000 units have already been sold in Germany within 12 months!

The market for mobile communication developed in a meteoric manner in the following years. Mobile phones and laptops were everywhere and indispensable in everyday life.

Designing and producing bags for the mobile companions became an ever greater challenge for me.

The key experience:

In the spring of 2006 a young woman came to our CeBIT booth in Hanover and asked me about a chic bag for her laptop, a Christmas gift from her father.

The “black and gray things” that we exhibited would be more for men!

That was exactly the problem!

Laptop bags were in abundance, but all were created for men and looked from afar like “everyday business”!

The same evening I started designing bags that, in addition to the necessary protective function, should above all have an attractive and feminine look. The challenge of designing a small but fine collection of women’s bags fascinated me from the first moment.

...and today?

Today I offer a fine selection of laptop bags under my own brand “SOCHA”, which has already delighted many female fans in Germany and abroad. Therefore, I continue to create new bag models for the fashion-conscious woman with great enthusiasm and attention to detail.

That’s what I stand for with my name!

Jürgen Socha

P.S .: The teaching profession was a nice experience, but the challenges I had as a designer and product developer could only be agreed for a short time. I have been taking care of bags fulltime for many years!


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