2019 – the new “Audrey models” are presented. A reminiscence of the style icons of the 60s!

2018 – We will present new bag models at the upcoming Offenbach trade fair in March. These include two very exclusive models made of synthetic croco

2017 – We will be presenting new bag models at the Offenbach trade fair in March. The response has been excellent. The production start of five new designs will start immediately!

2016 – The extremely positive response to our new bag designs at the trade fair in Offenbach leads to a decision: to develop and manufacture laptop bags only for women!

2014 – The new own brand “SOCHA” is presented! Elegant and individual designs for men & women. Made from super light NIVODUR. This results in a weight saving of almost 30% compared to conventional leather bags!

2011 – The new “EN Vogue” collection will be presented at the fair in Hannover. The slim cuts and the extravagant shapes are very popular. Now “Woman” is in the fortunate position of having all the necessary things with her with just one bag!

2008 – The market for laptops is growing very rapidly. Protective bags for sensitive electronics are mostly only available in monotone gray / black tones. We are presenting feminine bags with beautiful designs and elegant materials for the first time at Cebit. The enthusiasm is particularly high among female visitors

1994 – The world’s first neoprene cellphone case is developed in our studio in Bochum! Up to this point, there were only monotonous black plastic or leather bags. The colored and upbeat “Handybags” from our in-house production are enthusiastically received.