NIVODUR is a high-quality fine synthetic material that is ideal for the production of bags.

The special material properties are:

– low weight (approx. 30% lighter than leather)
– insensitive to moisture
– very easy to maintain
– inorganic ( vegan )

Care instructions:

The material does not require any special impregnation. Stains can be easily removed with a little washing-up liquid!

For the manufacture of our bags from the “DIAMOND EDITION” collection, we use the finest cowhide with an embossed surface grain.

Care instructions:

The embossed leather changes the natural grain of the animal skin. In the manufacturing process, the leather is treated with a laser, stamp or roller. Again, you can remove light soiling with a soft cloth and leather cleaning foam. You can use a wax spray or a vario impregnation agent for care.

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