Ordering via FAIRE only for resellers/online- shops

order handel über faire

Get a 150 € instant discount + 1 year free shipping.

100% secure and transparent.
No subscription. No follow-up costs.

We would like to give you our products with a purchase value of 150 € as a gift so that you can get to know and test them.  

Get all the benefits for resellers

We work with Faire, the brilliant online wholesale marketplace. This allows you to try our products with 60 days payment and free returns on your first order.

If you’re new to Faire, you’ll also get a €150 discount and one year free shipping on all SOCHA products. We cover the costs! The discount is only available for the first order on the FAIRE platform!

It’s super easy, transparent and 100% risk-free for you. The only thing it needs from you is your registration via the button so that Faire can deduct the instant discount from your order.

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