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right of revocation

The Customer is entitled to cancel the contract with no explanation necessary within two (2) weeks of order either in writing (e.g. letter, facsimile, E-mail) or via complete return of all merchandise in case merchandise has been received before the end of the two weeks cancellation period. The time limit begins upon receipt of these instructions in written but not before you have received the merchandise or the first part of your part-order and also not before we have complied with our information duties according to § 312c sec. 2 BGB in conjunction with § 1 sec. 1, 2 and 4 BGB-InfoV as well as according to § 312e sec. 1 sentence 1 BGB, § 3 BGB-InfoV.Written cancellation or return of the merchandise has to be sent out within the time limit to make it valid. Returns should be addressed to:

mobile fashion
Jürgen Socha
Midgardweg 5
D 44805 Bochum

fon. +49 234 54649670
fax. +49 234 54649669

Revocation consequences

In the case of a valid cancellation, the Customer is responsible for returning the merchandise and Mobile Fashion is responsible for refunding the purchase price. In case the customer returns only part of the merchandise or returns the merchandise in a worsened condition the Customer must indemnify Mobile Fashion. If the customer has already paid the purchase price, Mobile Fashion is entitled to deduct depreciation from the reimbursement. Indemnification is not to be made, if the deterioration of the product is exclusively attributed to its being tested, for instance, as would have been likely in the shop. In all other respects the Customer can avoid the obligation of value replacement, if he does not use the thing like an owner and refrains from doing anything, which impairs its value.

Merchandise will be send back at our risk. Goods that cannot be send will be picked up. If the Customer is returning items which have a value of 40,00 Euro or less and were delivered in an acceptable condition, the Customer is responsible for the shipping costs. Otherwise returning is free of charge. Obligation for payment refunds must be fulfilled within 30 days after sending the cancellation statement. For you, the revocation deadline begins with the dispatch of your revocation notice or of the dispatch of the goods, for us it begins with their receipt.


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