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Jürgen Socha

Jürgen Socha
for more than 10 years
design & development of
elegant business bags



die erste handskizze socha businesstasche
bestseller damen businesstaschen elegant

The synthetic collection – extra light models from 129€ to 169€

2 collections

30 elegant laptop bag models made from an extra light fine synthetic material.

15 exceptional models made of the finest leather

businesstasche für damen topseller

noble and very durable for 259€

Straight Line Red 15"

Black Diamond 15"

Croco Burgundy 15"

Silver Tip Croco 15"

Diamond 15" grey

Shoulder 14" black

Diamond 15" black

Shoulder 14" navy

innenleben businesstasche socha

every SOCHA bag comes
with an extensive interior

Laptop bags for women – classically elegant!
When it comes to my bag designs, I attach particular importance to the careful processing of all details.

Laptop bags have to endure a lot! For this reason, all models are equipped with an elaborate internal reinforcement that can easily withstand heavy weights over the long term.

Another highlight of every SOCHA laptop bag is the “full equipment”! The extra long zipper from the market leader YKK ensures that the bag is opened wide.

The interior with all the practical details is now wide open. Starting with the removable, padded laptop compartment on all sides, the numerous additional compartments, up to the trolley loop on the back. So the bag always has a secure hold on every trolley case.

Another practical detail of our business bags for women are the two “secret compartments” below the handles. Without opening the main zipper, you have quick access to keys, smartphones or other important things!

every Socha laptop bag is carefully processed
on sewing machines from the traditional
German brand ADLER. This ensures a very nice, even seam appearance.

with detachable and adjustable shoulder strap

with a durable trolley loop at the backside

durable zippers from the market leader YKK made of metal

Metal components for a long bag life

elegant, chrome-polished metal bag tag

Metal carabiner for a secure hold

extra-long zipper with double puller

brand logo with 5 single metal letters


I looked at many other brands on the Internet until I discovered this beauty. The bag is used a lot by me, it still looks great. The many compartments inside and the two hidden compartments on the handles are practical. I no longer have to search for my mobile phone any more
very nice and practical bag with no frills. I always packed it full and yet it always stands safely and firmly on the floor without tipping over. That always annoyed me with my other bag.
sales agent
Bag with lots of storage space and elegant design. Was on the plane a few days ago and learned to appreciate the strap on the backside of my bag. The strap can be easily pushed over the handle of my trolley. So the bag holds bombproof on my trolley
Bag looks super elegant and it fits in a lot. The five small metal feet on the bottom of the bag are also very useful. The bag always stays nice and clean, even on dirty surfaces
tax consultant
laptoptasche für damen von socha Design Diamond black
laptoptasche damen von socha modell straight vanilla
claire with her new socha laptop bag design straight line red

Laptop bags for women -
the SOCHA collection offers elegant and extra light bag models

In the south of Bochum, a vibrant city in the central Ruhr area, we take care of the design and development of extraordinary laptop bags that make everyday use of “mobile technology” more beautiful and easier. As experts in laptops, tablets and smartphones, we know exactly what protection for sensitive electronics must look like.

The current collection of fine synthetics consists of 22 designs, which are characterized by a clear and classic shape. The exclusive Diamond Edition leather collection offers 9 models. Our business bags for women have already impressed many customers around the world.

Laptop bags for women - Designs "fully equipped"

All of our laptop bags therefore come with “full equipment” – i.e. with a large, padded and removable laptop / tablet compartment, as well as numerous inside pockets. There is plenty of space for accessories and all the little things that are essential in everyday life. We attach great importance to a high level of comfort. The long handles – or, depending on the bag model, the adjustable shoulder strap – allow SOCHA laptop bags to be carried casually over the shoulder.

An additional feature is the trolley loop on the backside of the bag. So the bag can be easily fixed on the trolley case! This is particularly useful when things get hectic again at the airport.

Laptop bags for women - particularly robust bag models

Laptop bags have to endure a lot! As a particularly robust material, we have chosen a fine synthetic material (NIVODUR) in our collection, an extra light, soft material (approx. 30% lighter than comparable leather bags) that is also completely insensitive to rain and other liquids! Caring for your favorite bag is child’s play! The surface is finely grained and ensures a very pleasant feel that is hard to distinguish from real leather!

The exclusive “Diamond Edition” collection consists of 9 models made from the finest cowhide. A super soft feel, the legendary robustness of leather and the well thought-out interior of every Diamond Edition laptop bag ensure a lot of joy over many years.

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